Congratulations Vaishali Made : First Woman winner of Saregamapa Challenge!!

This blog is to support Vaishali Made (Bhaisane Made / Mhade), an amazing singer in Sa re ga ma pa Challenge 2009.

Vaishali Made has so far won:

SaReGaMaPa Marathi (JAn'08).
SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 (Jan 09)
SaReGaMaPa Mega Challenge for Maharashtra team(Dec 2009).

Vaishali is soon releasing her own album of Marathi songs and her upcoming Hindi/Marathi playback songs are releasing next year.
Vaishali fans are proud of her well deserved success !
Keep rocking, Vaishali !

Monday, November 3, 2008

Guest Article from Haribhau Vishwanath

For those familiar with music scene in Mumbai, Haribhau Vishwanath is one of the very well known names in hunting for musical instruments. Here, I am posting their e-mail. I have personally purchased electronic tanpura/tabla machine from them about 8 years ago.

First, we have to introduce ourself that we are one of the largest manufacturer,
dealer and exporter of the musical instruments since 1925.
Haribhau Vishwanath Co. Dadar (west), Mumbai 400 028 (India)
TEL.= +91=22=2422 2542. E=MAIL :

We like very much the melodious and velvet sound of vaishali starts from sa re ga ma pa marathi. After winning the sa re ga ma pa marathi competition and got a award of " mahagayika ". One day she and her husband Mr. Anant Made walked in front of our shop. We called her immediately. She came to our shop. She was very happy to see all the musical instruments in our shop. She was in hurry to catch a bus to Pune. She went for the recording of music director "Salil Kulkarni". She told us when she will back from Pune she will definitely come to your shop.

After some days she came with her husband to our shop. She already purchased one electronic tanpura from us six to seven months back. But that time we did not know her. Afterwards, when she visited to our shop after coming back from pune. We gave her a real best quality female tanpura pitch black 4 and black 5. Vaishali 's pitch is black = 5. So we tune the tanpura and gave it to her . Also one electronic tabla, as a musical gift from us. This gift is for her perfect riyaz of classical singging. Her guru is also well known classical singer " Pandit Shri Ajay Pohankar". They are also well known to us.

She was very happy. She enjoying music in to our shop. She find many useful classical raagas books in our shop. And so whenever she come to our shop she said I am not come to your shop but I come to "a swar mandir of maa Saraswati".

Now she is just like my daughter, and so i always support her. She is also called me "dada" and my wife "Seema tai". She is just like our family member.

She is from a small village of maharashtra. I am personally proud of her and her struggleful life. We always pray to the god to bless her and make full of success in her musical carrier. Every musical event of "sa re ga ma pa challenge 2009 " friday and saturday we are giving the compliments to her. We discuss about her song of that day. We have 100% guarentee that she will win the award of mahagayika of sa re ga ma pa challenge 2009. Our support and blessing is always with her.

thanking you,
musically yours,
for haribhau vishwanath co.,

(Mr. Uday Diwane).


Deepali said...

Hari bhau ,
Thank you so much for contributing to Vaishali's blog!
It was wonderful to read your expericne !

Deepali said...

And thanks to Rahul for collecting and uploading it here.