Congratulations Vaishali Made : First Woman winner of Saregamapa Challenge!!

This blog is to support Vaishali Made (Bhaisane Made / Mhade), an amazing singer in Sa re ga ma pa Challenge 2009.

Vaishali Made has so far won:

SaReGaMaPa Marathi (JAn'08).
SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 (Jan 09)
SaReGaMaPa Mega Challenge for Maharashtra team(Dec 2009).

Vaishali is soon releasing her own album of Marathi songs and her upcoming Hindi/Marathi playback songs are releasing next year.
Vaishali fans are proud of her well deserved success !
Keep rocking, Vaishali !

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hello Friends

This is not an official website of Vaishali Mhade. This is a fan blog to support Vaishali (Bhaisne-Made) Mhade, an amazing singer in Sa re ga ma pa Challenge 2009.Vaishali is the winner of Zee Saregamapa Marathi. She joins SRGMP C-2009 as a direct entry in the final 14. She belongs to Himesh Reshammiya’s Rock Gharana. Vote for Vaishali and make her the grand winner of the Vishwayudh.

Her voice has the sweetness and heaviness which is rarely found. Her performances in SRGMP-Marathi have been outstanding. After a long gap, we find this rare lata-genre singer (after Nihira Joshi), to be entering reality shows. She is fond of Lata/Madan Mohan combination and Ghulam Ali’s Ghazals.

She is an extremely matured, humble, lively person and a true artist devoted to music.


RAVINDRA said...

excellent singer - Vaishali
Vaishali have proved herself in Marathi saregama. I cant say that she is the best singer among all the contestent in challenge 2009. But I am proud of her rather my whole family. I salute ti her ambition & the way she followed to get it. Really hats off to her and also her hubby who have encouraged her.

Please vote for Vaishali.

Vaishali.... . tu he yudhha jinkalis kinva harlis tari kahi harkat nahi. pan tuzi sangeetsadhna, tuzi jidd ashich chalu thev please. Lot of love from our family

Ravi Bhojane
(Equatorial Guinea)

RAVINDRA said...


We watched your each & every performance of Marathi Saregama and still watching the downloaded clips. You are really a excellent singer. Once you said that you cant sing Natyasangit, that time we were littlebit disappointed. But its ok. When you won the contest, swear… we cried with happiness.

When it was decided that you will directly entered in the Saregamapa2009, we were happy. But same time we were doubtful about your competiotion with Pratibha, yashita. And moreover we have seen the loose confidence of Abhijeet Kosambi in same competiotion.

But……….you entered in the competition with full confidence. Thanks Vaishali. At first we didnt recognised you as your weight is increased…. but we got the answer of this in the next episode only. Lot of blessing to ur daughter. Even after few days of delivery you kept your voice so good. Hats off.

We have listened your Isq bina..; many times by the downloaded clips. Same time we compared it with the original sang by Sujata & others. Its good.

We dont care that you will win this competition or not. By our point of view, you have won it. We are proud of you vaishali.

We wish you best luck Vaishali.


Ravi Bhojane

***Vaishali Tu ji “Pani jase motyat..; ras jasa baghnyala khas” hi line gayali aahes na, ti original songpeksha jast changli zaliy.

If somebody send these comments directly to Vaishali then I will be very happy

RAVINDRA said...

just got the news from that Vaishali sang lambiges ga Judai, and all judve History to her. Really nice to hear this>

I will watch this episode tomorrow as I can see it tomorrow only here in Equatorial Guinea>

Vaishali, khuuuuuuuuuuup bare watale.

Ravi Bhojane
(Equatorial Guinea)

VaishaliFan said...

Hi Ravindra, Thanks for visiting the site and supporting Vaishali. We will try to convey your message to Vaishali when we get a chance to speak with her next.

Zahida said...

Thanks to Zee SRGMP for bringing this talented singer throught wild card entry.

I had never heard Vaishali's songs before SRGMP C2009, but that was my loss. I feel fortunate that now I have chance to hear her songs and also vote for her.

We need more singers like Vaishali - singers like her deserve to make it to top in music industry.

GOD BLESS SRGMP C2009 for bringing this talented singer forward in C2009.

Love you Vaishali

Anonymous said...

hi vaishali,

I am sumit goswami from jamnagar.

We like your voice very much & we love you, we are vote for you

We want to sregama challenge 2009 me aap hi jeeto.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Vaishali for being in the top three. U r the best amnog the three, no doubt, but focuss a bit on showmanship, stage performance drama( natakbaaaji like Aasma)as needed by the public and the Channel in particular.Then nobody can stop u from becoming the Mahagayika of the World.