Congratulations Vaishali Made : First Woman winner of Saregamapa Challenge!!

This blog is to support Vaishali Made (Bhaisane Made / Mhade), an amazing singer in Sa re ga ma pa Challenge 2009.

Vaishali Made has so far won:

SaReGaMaPa Marathi (JAn'08).
SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 (Jan 09)
SaReGaMaPa Mega Challenge for Maharashtra team(Dec 2009).

Vaishali is soon releasing her own album of Marathi songs and her upcoming Hindi/Marathi playback songs are releasing next year.
Vaishali fans are proud of her well deserved success !
Keep rocking, Vaishali !

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Lambi Judaai

Here is the video of Vaishali's October 3rd performance. Vaishali's versatility is being explored here. Her voice range is mezzo-soprano, which fits between alto and soprano voices. This week she sings Richa Sharma (alto) genre song. These songs require powerful lower pitch singing. Powerful or not, I don't know, but her voice quality was shining in this song. Towards the end there are wonderful aalaps and harkats. She was wonderfully delicate while taking her variation. We have seen many reality show singers in this genre: Poonam, Himani, Rithisha. Vaishali brings in her own uniqueness while singing this genre.

She got History, History, History again. Nothing much I have to say about whether it deserved or not. I have not been a fan of SRGMP's judgement standards. Vaishali sang much better songs in her genre in Marathi SRGMP but got dha (6/7) most of the times.
But anyways, I am at least glad that they started giving her attention and hype required to build fan-following among wider spectrum of music lovers and non-music lovers. Vaishali got once more from the audience and all the mentors came on to the stage (at Himesh's request although). Himesh has been known to whole-heartedly support his gharana contestants. We hope Vaishali benefits in terms of her fan-following and never sees bottom-3 again.

Here is the video:
Vaishali's song starts at [2:30] feel free to fast forward upto that point.

upload courtesy punjab2050wolrd


Deepali said...

Well said Rahul !
Vaishali's sRGMP Marathi performances got 'dha' most of the times and here she's done her hattrick of 'histories' already:)
But most important for me is that she received public appreciation.. Good to see her on 2 nd rank this week!
Jai Mata di let's rock !!

Sid said...

I loved the part in tha antara ending note "yaad tu aaya..yaad to aaya" where vaishali made an excellent variation....this is my fav. song of 2008 n i just loved vaishali rendition..
Jai Mata di .....Letz Rock....

Neela Kauthekar said...