Congratulations Vaishali Made : First Woman winner of Saregamapa Challenge!!

This blog is to support Vaishali Made (Bhaisane Made / Mhade), an amazing singer in Sa re ga ma pa Challenge 2009.

Vaishali Made has so far won:

SaReGaMaPa Marathi (JAn'08).
SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 (Jan 09)
SaReGaMaPa Mega Challenge for Maharashtra team(Dec 2009).

Vaishali is soon releasing her own album of Marathi songs and her upcoming Hindi/Marathi playback songs are releasing next year.
Vaishali fans are proud of her well deserved success !
Keep rocking, Vaishali !

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gali me Aaj chand nikala..

Presenting yet another memorable flawless performance by Vaishali Made !!

'Gali me aaj chand nikla', The Alka Yagnik song ' , celebrates life ,The lady is happy that her lover is arriving and she finds the whole world celebrating with her.

MM Kreem’s beautiful composition is so full of energy - you suddenly start feeling happy about everything around you.

It begins with a soft and mellow note, and picks up speed and energy as it progresses and it ends with a shehanai piece showing sudden happiness arrived in a Lady's life.

Her feelings are very well conveyed by Alka Yagnik and I must say, Vaishali Made caught the right mood of the original song !

'Best performance of the show', according to the most respectable mentor, Shankar Mahadevan ji followed by all other mentors !

Vaishali's soulful singing touched everyone's heart , She definitely deserves Sangeet Chakra next week !

Next week is last elimination of this season, so let's keep our fingers crossed and pray for Vaishali..Enjoy the song !


F said...

Well i m not following SRGMP 2009 but i use to watch Vaishali's performances on internet. She is the onlt singer left who can win the title of SRGMP.

As far as her performance is concerned i.e., Gali main aaj chand nikla >> It was as beautiful as we have Alka's version. It was just like an original singer is singing that song. Her voice was very professional and she proved again in this song. Singing was flawless and marvellous.
My heartiest wishes to Vaishali and i want to see her as a winner

Vaishali Rocks

VaishaliFan said...

Vaishali is the only one having such a mature voice and can do justice to such songs!