Congratulations Vaishali Made : First Woman winner of Saregamapa Challenge!!

This blog is to support Vaishali Made (Bhaisane Made / Mhade), an amazing singer in Sa re ga ma pa Challenge 2009.

Vaishali Made has so far won:

SaReGaMaPa Marathi (JAn'08).
SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 (Jan 09)
SaReGaMaPa Mega Challenge for Maharashtra team(Dec 2009).

Vaishali is soon releasing her own album of Marathi songs and her upcoming Hindi/Marathi playback songs are releasing next year.
Vaishali fans are proud of her well deserved success !
Keep rocking, Vaishali !

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Vaishali's journey : Article by Ketki Kolhatkar

Ketki Kolhatkar, an aspiring singer and Vaishali fan is putting Vaishali's journey in her words.
Thanks Ketki.

Vaishali Made :

While at one end the bramhastra results disappointed with the entry of Non –deserving candidate over deserving ones, another entries gave a new boost to the show and the entrant was none other than our own Saregamapa Marathi winner-MAHAGAYIKA- Vaishali Made !
Since Vaishalis entry the competition had reached new level , and vaishali kept the promice she had made through her very first performance ‘ Nimbooda’ for which none of the mentors could stop themselves from giving her Highest marks ‘ HISTORY ‘
Vaishali had to face Bottom 3 in very forst week of the competition due to lack of votes but she gave a bewutiful best of the week performance on ‘ ishq bina ‘ in dat situation and since dat time never looked back .Next week the performance lead her to top 2 spot .she is the single participant who has not given any weak performance. Her performance on Jannat song ‘ lambi judai ‘ had brought all mentors on stage and it resulted in her winning the ‘ Sangeet Chakra’ (Highest votes) for the next week. But sadly this deserving would be winner is not given a deserving treatment on the show .Her certain memorable performances such as ‘ Der na ho jaye’ , ‘ teri ore’ , ‘ Rangeela re’ , ‘ Satyam shivam sundaram ‘ deserved standing ovation but din get one . On the other hands contestant like Asma is given history for her below average performances and other participants receive standing ovation by mentors for ordinary performances.
Vaishali has a very matured , sweet, soulful voice which would be an ideal for playback singer in bollywood which has been always mentoned by mentors but still it is really sad to see that she is not given enough support by her own mentor Himesh reshmiya who always promotes other gharana participant Yashita more than his own ACE Vaishali for unknown reason .

Vaishali is always supported more from other gharana mentor Singer/ MD Shankar mahadevan who has agiven applauds for vaishali since her SRGMP marathi days , wish she would hav been in shankars gharana , which was her own wish as well !


Despite of being the most consistent performer and the best voice on show , why vaishali received highest votes for only once , while other participants, yashita-pratibha-soumen-zaheer have received it twice/ thrice ?
The simple reasons for this are :
1) Vaishali is married and has three months old daughter , although channel used this to catch TRPs , certain narrow minded viewers still cant see a simple girl being topper !

2) She lacks support from her own mentor who has focused more on Yashita .

3)Last but not the least, she is only a GOOD SINGER, she doesn’t know how to do drama, how to make people laugh and all tactics !


Well friends for fans likeus she is already a winner but probably shes not in channels good books .

So lets all hope and Pray for VAISHALI , dats what we can do now , but as many say’ khuda ke ghar mein der haii andher nahi’’ we can still hope vaishali wud emerge a winner !
Last but not the least I wanna mention one thing , as many musical experts say , to be a number one female playback singer in Hindi or marathi film industry , a voice which has a trend like Mangeshkar sisters, Lata didi and asha tai is required, and in so many reality shows those hav came so far , after Shreya ghoshal I have found dat type of voice in only 2 particiapants, One is NIHIRA JOSHI from C-05 and another is VAISHALI MADE ! …so its in viewers hand to make this statement true !

~ Ketki Kolhatkar

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Vinnie said...

Thanx Ketki for putting it together....Wishing Vaishali All the Best